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The Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) announced, on October 13, 2011, the closure of its Los Angeles offices. Tracy Westen,Vice President and CEO, can be reached at tawesten@gmail.com,310-913-1395, Bob Stern, President, can be reached at rstern2009@gmail.com, 310-382-0904.

CGS, a non-profit, non-partisan organization foundedin 1983, creates innovative political and media solutions to help individuals participate more effectively in their communities and governments. CGS isunique in its ability to combine several areas of expertise to: convenerelevant stakeholders; conduct research and policy analysis; achieve consensusamong diverse groups; and effectively use technology to gather, present anddisseminate the information to a wide audience.

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1987 Update to the New Gold Rush: Financing California's Legislative Campaigns Publication Date: January 1987 Publisher(s): Center for Governmental Studies (Los Angeles, Calif.);
The New Gold Rush Publication Date: January 1985 Publisher(s): Center for Governmental Studies (Los Angeles, Calif.)