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Model Law on Payments Influencing Candidates and Elected Officials

Publication Date: December 2008

Publisher: Center for Governmental Studies (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Author(s): Robert M. Stern; Molly Milligan

Research Area: Political Reform

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


CGS presented a model law at the December 2008 COGEL conference (Council on Governmental Ethics Laws) that would provide for public disclosure of all money raised by candidates and elected officials, including payments made to non-campaign entities. The proposed law is designed to respond to an ever increasing number of reports about the various ways that politicians raise funds outside of the reach of the current campaign finance laws. These so-called "end runs" or loopholes around contribution limits include fundraising for inaugurations, officeholder accounts, legal defense funds, charities, reimbursed travel expenses, and leadership political action committees.