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The High Cost of Housing: A Survey of Employers & Employees in Westchester County - The Westchester Public Issues Institute

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Publication Date: April 2002

Publisher(s): Center for Governmental Research Inc.

Author(s): Kent Gardner; Cliff Milligan

Funder(s): Westchester County Association

Funder(s): Westchester County Association

Topic: Social conditions (Housing)

Keywords: Strategic Planning & Facilitation; Surveys & Analysis

Type: Report

Coverage: New York


CGR and the Westchester Public Issues Institute conducted two
surveys on the housing challenge facing W estchester County. One
survey targeted Westchester County employers and the second,
employees. The findings, detailed below, confirm that housing
cost and its twin, extended commutes from other counties, is
increasing turnover among lower-paid workers, eroding loyalty at
Westchester County firms.