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Capital Pork: How State Politicians Divvy Up Billions for Favored Capital Projects

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Publication Date: March 2006

Publisher(s): Center for Governmental Research Inc.

Author(s): Kent Gardner; Erika Rosenberg

Funder(s): Gleason Foundation

Funder(s): Gleason Foundation

Topic: Banking and finance (Public finance)
Politics (Political ethics)

Keywords: Government Management

Type: Report

Coverage: New York


CGR analyzed the $1.7 billion in grants (all borrowed funds) handed out since 1997 by New York State legislators for “capital” projects. This first-ever geographic analysis found stark differences in benefits for regions and interest groups; secret agreements among top state leaders; fewer checks on spending than other states; and added debt for New York, which at the time of the report was the nation's second most-indebted state. CGR's overall recommendation is to “let the sun shine on this process.”