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Ending the War and Winning the Peace in the Persian Gulf, Part I: Three Scenarios for Victory

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Publication Date: February 1991

Publisher(s): Heritage Foundation (Washington, D.C.)

Author(s): Jay P. Kosminsky

Series: Backgrounder

Topic: Government (Foreign relations)
Military and defense (Military planning, strategy, and operations)

Keywords: National security

Type: Report

Coverage: Kuwait Iraq


To fulfill George Bush’s objective of restoring stability and security to the Persian Gulf, the U.S. will have to fight this war in a way that brings it to a close on America’s terms: Kuwait liberated; Iraq’s ability to wage offensive war against its neighbors destroyed; and Saddam humiliated and the militant path he represents discredited.To do so, Bush must consider three scenarios, how each might lead to failure, and how each might lead to victory and success for America’s policy in the Persian Gulf.