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Opinions About New Reproductive Genetic Technologies: Hopes and Fears for our Genetic Future

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Publication Date: June 2005

Publisher(s): American Society for Reproductive Medicine

Author(s): Teresa Doksum; Barbara Bernhardt; Gail Geller; Andrea L. Kalfoglou

Funder(s): Pew Charitable Trusts

Funder(s): Pew Charitable Trusts

Topic: Health (Medical research and technology)

Keywords: Focus groups; Preimplantation genetic diagnosis; In vitro fertilization; Genetic modification

Type: Other


Regardless of demographic characteristics, focus group participants considered six key factors when determining the appropriateness of using RGTs: [1] whether embryos would be destroyed; [2] the nature of the disease or trait being avoided or sought; [3] technological control over "natural" reproduction; [4] the value of suffering, disability, and difference; [5] the importance of having genetically related children; and [6] the kind of future people desire or fear.

In Fertility and Sterility, vol.83:6, June 2005, p.1612-1621.