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Elders Living on the Edge: When Meeting Basic Needs Exceeds Available Income in Minnesota

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Publication Date: January 2009

Publisher(s): Minnesota Women's Consortium; Minnesota Women's Consortium

Topic: Economics (Economic conditions)
Population and demographics (Older people)

Keywords: economic security; income supports; minnesota; elders

Type: Brief

Coverage: Minnesota


Low-income elders in Minnesota face financial challenges that threaten their economic security and the health of their communities. They are pressured by increasing housing, health care, fuel, and utility expenses while their fixed incomes are eroded by weaknesses within the economy. And when income falls short of needs, the potential impact of public support programs is undermined by underfunding, low income limits, and asset limits which prevent savings. As a result, many seniors, including those eligible for public assistance, are unable to attain economic security.

The national Elder Economic Security Initiative is a multi-year, research-driven initiative to raise awareness of the challenges facing elders and to improve public policies for older adults. The Initiative combines coalition building, research, advocacy, education, and outreach at the national, state, and community levels to promote the economic well-being of elders and their families. The Minnesota Women's Consortium leads the Minnesota Initiative in partnership with Wider Opportunities for Women.