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Recruitment...or Training?

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Publication Date: January 2001

Publisher(s): Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education

Author(s): Debi Rowe; Joan Kaye

Series: Jewish Education News, Summer 2004

Special Collection: Berman Jewish Policy Archive

Topic: Culture and religion (Religion and religious groups)
Education (Education personnel and population)

Keywords: Educators; Jewish Engagement; Part-time (supplementary) schools; Congregations

Type: Brief

Coverage: California


The authors describe a pilot project with a novel approach to solving the problem of staffing supplementary religious schools. Efforts to recruit and retain through the professionalization of an essentially non-professional, part time, job as well as through the attempt to integrate teachers into congregational life, have proven unsuccessful. Rather, the Orange County Bureau of Jewish Education is working to turn already involved congregants into teachers - through ongoing education and enrichment. The hope is that these congregants will see their teaching work as an important and fulfilling part of their religious life. This report outlines the project and reviews its implementation, including successes, challenges, and insights gained.