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10,000 Lakes, 17 Candidates (and Counting)

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On June 2, 2009, Minnesota Gov. Timothy Pawlenty announced that he would not seek re-election in 2010. Almost immediately, political pundits began to speculate about a possible replacement. Those experts have consistently mentioned more than 20 people as potential gubernatorial candidates in 2010.

The Institute took a look at the money raised by 17 of the potential candidates during their most
recent election campaigns, and found that:

- Almost half (49 percent) of the money raised by the potential gubernatorial candidates
came from unitemized donations - money given that falls below the state's reporting threshold for disclosing the name of the donors.

- Itemized donations accounted for about one-third ($358,256) of the money raised by potential gubernatorial candidates.

- Public subsidies accounted for an additional 17 percent.

These 17 are discussed because they have either announced an intention to run for the governorship, have filed as a gubernatorial candidate, or are actively exploring the idea, and have raised money during their most recent election cycle.