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Leadership Team Member Organizations and Coalition Structures: Aggregate Findings from the Leadership Team Network Survey

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By their nature, advocacy organizations form partnerships and alliances with others to achieve their public policy goals. Some alliances are long-standing, while others are temporary or opportunistic and may bring together groups to support a particular legislative or administrative approach or proposal, even though their interests and agendas in other areas may diverge or even conflict.
To establish alliances that could advance the goals of the Consumer Voices for Coverage (CVC) initiative and outlive it, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) required applicants to form a leadership team of partner organizations to mobilize the consumer advocacy network within their states. Mathematica designed a survey to collect data about the structure and activities of the leadership teams. Because the leadership teams were intended to function as a collaborative network, social network analysis approaches and items were included in the survey. The survey was administered during the first year of the grant program to provide baseline information to RWJF and formative feedback to the grantees and the national program office. A second wave will be administered during the last year of the grant funding to examine how leadership structures changed and how they affected policy progress.
CVC supports state-based consumer health advocacy networks to increase their capacity to participate with key stakeholders, such as businesses, hospitals, insurers, providers and government officials, in health care reform efforts.