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Survey of Texas Voters: The 2009 survey by Baselice & Associates polled Texans on their attitudes toward a smoke-free law, the rights of non-smokers, and related issues.

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Publication Date: January 2009

Publisher(s): Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Author(s): Inc. Baselice & Associates

Topic: Health (Health promotion)

Type: Report


Where do Texans stand on a state smoke-free law? How do they feel about the rights of smokers vs. customers? What are their views on secondhand smoke?

Baselice & Associates, Inc., was retained to conduct survey research to find the answers to those questions and others. The survey was conducted among 601 randomly selected voters on January 18-19, 2009. This is the executive summary.

The survey shows that 68 percent of the Texans polled favor a statewide law that would prohibit smoking in all indoor workplaces and public facilities.

Additionally, 72 percent believe that the right of customers and employees to breathe clean air in Texas restaurants and bars takes precedence over the rights of smokers and owners.

The poll also finds that 59 percent regard secondhand smoke exposure as a "serious health hazard."