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Improving Access to Healthy Foods: A Guide for Policy-Makers: Policy-Making for Healthy Communities

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Publication Date: January 2007

Publisher(s): Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Author(s): Leadership for Healthy Communities

Topic: Health (Food and nutrition)

Type: Report


Improving Access to Healthy Foods: A Guide for Policy-Makers, produced by Leadership for Healthy Communities, an RWJF national program, explores how state and local officials can facilitate healthy eating by adopting policies that help communities improve access to affordable, healthy foods for all residents. In particular, this guide highlights five strategies that have a significant impact on the availability of healthy foods, such as polices related to land use, transportation, comprehensive planning, and community and economic development. It also outlines steps that policy-makers are taking in schools and government institutions across the country to help increase access to nutritious food options.

The benefits of a healthy diet are well documented. Eating a healthy diet helps control weight, reduces risk of obesity and heart disease, and is associated with a lower risk of mortality in all age groups. This guide focuses on healthy eating and highlights why a healthy diet remains out of reach for many Americans.