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How Nonprofits Helped America Vote: 2006

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Publication Date: January 2007

Publisher(s): OMB Watch (Organization : U.S.)

Topic: Politics (Elections and voting)

Keywords: nonprofits and elections; civic participation; voter engagement

Type: Report


How Nonprofits Helped America Vote: 2006 describes nonprofits' electoral engagement during the 2006 election and their preparation for upcoming elections. First, the report highlights how nonprofits are defending voters' rights against attacks, including tactics meant to suppress and intimidate voters, new voter ID requirements, and limitations on voter registration drives. Next, the report describes how nonprofits are working to protect the integrity of our elections. The report then surveys the activities that may be viewed as more traditional voter engagement and mobilization efforts. The report closes by urging nonprofits to help America vote in 2007 and 2008 and includes a list of resources for nonprofits who want more information on how they can do so.