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Growing Threats: Toxic Flame Retardants and Children's Health

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Publication Date: July 2003

Publisher(s): Environment California Research and Policy Center

Author(s): Travis Madsen; Susan Lee; Teri Olle

Funder(s): California Wellness Foundation

Funder(s): California Wellness Foundation

Topic: Environment (Pollution and environmental degradation)

Keywords: Chemical Exposure; flame retardants; toxics

Type: Report

Coverage: California


Chemicals added to consumer products to improve fire resistance have escaped into the environment and contaminated everything from wildlife to human breast milk. Growing Threats presents the case for banning these chemicals, known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). The report presents research (circa early 2003) that indicates PBDEs pose a threat to infant brain development -- and calculates that contamination found in some human mothers and fetuses is nearing levels that impair learning and behavior in rats.