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Toward a Consumer-Oriented Electric System: Assuring Affordability, Reliability, Accountability, and Balance After a Decade of Restructuring

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Publication Date: February 2004

Author(s): Tony Dutzik; Jasmine Vasavada; Travis Madsen; Rob Sargent

Funder(s): National Commission on Energy Policy (U.S.)

Funder(s): National Commission on Energy Policy (U.S.)

Topic: Energy (Electric power)

Keywords: deregulation; electricity generation

Type: Report


The restructuring of the electric industry during the 1990s was touted as a way to reduce costs for consumers and promote innovation and competition. But, a decade later, consumers in many states that have undergone restructuring are faced with high prices, unreliable service, few choices and less accountability from electric utilities. Toward a Consumer-Oriented Electric System documents the many challenges facing the electric system after a decade of restructuring and proposes a series of principles and policies for resolving these problems for the benefit of consumers.