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A New Energy Future: The Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for Cutting America's Use of Fossil Fuels

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Publication Date: September 2006

Author(s): Tony Dutzik; Timothy Telleen-Lawton; Rob Sargent; Anna Aurilio

Topic: Energy (Renewable energy sources)

Keywords: energy efficiency; renewable energy; cost of energy

Type: Report


America faces an energy crisis. Oil and natural gas supplies are increasingly uncertain and prices for both fuels have set records recently. Meanwhile, our consumption of coal is contributing significantly to global warming, and other technologies--like nuclear power--are too dangerous, too expensive or both. A New Energy Future describes how renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies that largely exist today can cut America's dependence on fossil fuels. By moving aggressively to promote clean energy, the report finds, America could cut its oil imports and coal consumption by as much as 80 percent compared to today's levels.