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Making Sense of Hydrogen: The Potential Role of Hydrogen in Achieving a Clean, Sustainable Transportation System

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Publication Date: August 2004

Author(s): Tony Dutzik

Funder(s): Wallace Global Fund

Funder(s): Wallace Global Fund

Topic: Energy (Fuels)

Keywords: hydrogen; transportation

Type: Report


The use of hydrogen as a fuel for cars and trucks has been touted as an environmentally responsible way to end America's dependence on foreign oil. However, Making Sense of Hydrogen explains that a transition to a "hydrogen economy"--if poorly executed--could extend America's dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power, while doing little to solve the environmental problems caused by our dependence on polluting and dangerous sources of energy. Making Sense of Hydrogen outlines a sensible path for the development of an environmentally sound hydrogen economy, beginning with strong investments in improving automobile fuel economy and developing renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind and energy from crops.