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Public Agenda Confidence in U.S. Foreign Policy Index, Vol. 3: Anxious Public Sees Growing Dangers, Few Solutions

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Americans see a world of growing dangers, few solutions and little in U.S. foreign policy that seems to be working, according to the latest Public Agenda Confidence in U.S. Foreign Policy Index. This edition of the index introduces the "Anxiety Indicator," tracking the public's overall outlook on world affairs. The Fall 2006 indicator shows that public anxiety on international affairs is at high levels (a score of 130 on a 200-point scale), enough to show a deep dissatisfaction with current policies. The best-known policy strategies, such as actively creating democracies or economic development in Islamic countries, face skepticism from the public. Majorities do believe reducing dependence on foreign energy sources would enhance national security, yet nearly half give the United States failing grades in this area.