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Southwest Ohio Career Resource Network: Best Practices in Moving Forward

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From October 2002 to January 2003, the National Economic Development and Law Center conducted a study of the Southwest Ohio Career Resource Network (SWOCRN) for Cincinnati Community Action Now (CAN) with support from the Ford Foundation. This study was in no way intended to be an in-depth evaluation of the SWOCRN. Rather, the aim of the study and this resultant report is to support the continuous improvement efforts already set in motion by leaders and stakeholders of the SWOCRN. As such, this report includes research findings from a basic assessment of the SWOCRN along with a series of recommendations and associated best practices that can serve as a road map for future SWOCRN development. The CAN will share this report with SWOCRN stakeholders and other interested parties, and it will use the report in its community planning work, to be a value-added partner in the area of workforce development.