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From Processing Food to Fabrication Metals: A Profile of Manufacturing Center Initiatives Across America

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This paper summarizes the analysis conducted by NNSP in early 2004. It is based upon is a summary of survey findings collected in March and April of 2004 from 31 current manufacturing sector initiatives. The information contained in this report represents more than 75% of the current manufacturing initiatives NNSP has identified. In addition to the survey, this report has also drawn information from two other sources - a convening of current manufacturing initiative leaders and supporters, held in Boston, Massachusetts in April 2004 and brief case studies/snapshots of a variety of manufacturing initiatives.

The survey data reported here was drawn from a wide variety of manufacturing initiatives underway across the United States. The organizations leading these initiatives include business associations, labor/management partnerships, community based nonprofits, workforce boards, educational institutions, community development corporations, and others. These workforce intermediaries reflect their individual and varied missions and this can be seen in the limited number of any one type of organization reported on here. Thus, definitive findings about manufacturing sector initiatives cannot be drawn from this report.