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Background Studies Prepared for the Bangkok Meeting

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Publication Date: June 2000

Publisher(s): Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Author(s): Jongryn Mo; Pasuk Phongpaichit; Chris Baker

Funder(s): Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Funder(s): Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Topic: Economics (Economic conditions)

Type: Report

Coverage: Indonesia Thailand Thailand Korea (South)


These country case studies offer detailed, political economy analyses of the Asian financial crisis and the different approaches to managing each country's recovery. Wing Thye Woo gives a broad comparative analysis of the economic and political dimensions of the crisis in Malaysia, South Korea, and Indonesia. Jongryn Mo details reforms in South Korea undertaken as a result of the crisis, and the factors that made these reforms politically feasible. Pasuk Phongpaichit and Chris Baker analyze the politics of reform in Thailand, both during its boom period and the post-crisis period, giving particular emphasis to distributional issues.