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The NBER Digest: December 2003 Issue

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Publication Date: December 2003

Publisher(s): National Bureau of Economic Research

Topic: Economics (Economic policy, planning, and development)


The following articles appear in this issue:

* Mutual Fund Portfolio Contagion * New Drugs and Increased Longevity * Private Insurance Replaces Medicaid Cutbacks for Immigrants * Coordinated Currency Interventions Temporarily Move Exchange Rates * State Education Subsidies Shift Students to Public Universities * Is Manual Labor Bad for your Health?

The Digest is a monthly publication that summarizes at least four recent and newsworthy NBER Working Papers. Professional journalists write these summaries for a non-technical audience. The Bureau sends nearly 12,000 copies of the Digest each month to readers in government, business, universities, and the media. The NBER Digest is available in hard copy to the general public upon request.