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Multi-Attribute Strategy and Performance Architectures in R&D: The Case of The Balanced Scorecard

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This dissertation is about the alignment of strategic planning, performance measurement, and incentives systems within research and development (R&D) organizations. Specifically, it is an investigation into the appropriate use of one class of multi-attribute strategy and performance architectures, the Balanced Scorecard, that has become a popular performance measurement and management framework. However, the Balanced Scorecard has not been as well received within research and development settings as elsewhere. This study takes a step back and asks the questions: Are R&D organizations different? Do the underlying assumptions that make the Balanced Scorecard work hold true for research and development organizations? Do R&D organizations that use the Balanced Scorecard realize performance “breakthroughs” that are often associated with the framework? How might one modify or adapt the Balanced Scorecard framework before applying it to an R&D setting?