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Improving Air Force Purchasing and Supply Management of Spare Parts

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Publication Date: January 2003

Publisher(s): Pardee Rand Graduate School

Author(s): Robert Bickel

Topic: Military and defense (Military equipment and weapons)

Type: Report


This research provides the Air Force with a methodology for evaluating various strategies to improve the procurement of spare parts and applies the methodology to F100 engine parts. The author uses exploratory analysis techniques and system dynamic modeling to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of various supplier management policies, including identifying those policy levers most effective in improving various measures of interest. The research shows that policy and organizational changes in the purchasing and supply management (PSM) process have the potential to improve effectiveness while maintaining or lowering costs. It also demonstrates that a system dynamic model can be an important contribution to defining, discussing, and understanding the complex interactions among policy levers and outcome measures, particularly in enhancing PSM efficiency and effectiveness.