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Army Life v. Life in the Army: The Relationship Between Quality of Life Program Utilization and Army Career Intentions

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Publication Date: January 1996

Publisher(s): Pardee Rand Graduate School

Author(s): Debra August

Topic: Military and defense (Military personnel)

Type: Report


This report assesses the relationship between the use and frequency of use of Army quality of life programs and Army career intentions, using individual-level data from a 1987 RAND study on Army families and soldier readiness. The methodology combined objective and subjective quality of life indicators, consistent with the recommendations in the literature. With the exception of home ownership (positively associated) and Army pay relative to expected civilian pay (negatively associated), almost none of the quality of life variables showed any relationship to Army career intention. However, the Army should carefully consider any differences between today's personnel and those of 1987. This study includes a review of quality of life and voluntary employee turnover/retention literatures, and a copy of the 1987 RAND survey of Army families.