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Organizational Management of Army Research

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Publication Date: January 2003

Publisher(s): RAND Corporation

Author(s): Carolyn Wong

Funder(s): United States. Army

Funder(s): United States. Army

Topic: Military and defense (Military policy)
Science and technology (Scientific research)

Type: Brief


During the last 202 years, the Army has employed three basic organizational management constructs to conduct its research and development (R&D): the independent operation of the laboratories, the Laboratory Command construct, and the Army Research Laboratory construct. Once again, it is looking to solve the same R&D problems that have persisted through these many decades and constructs. Four major R&D issues have emerged as key elements for the Army’s next move: how it defines the money stream, working relationships, the transition time between research and fielded equipment, and improving R&D visibility. The Army needs an R&D construct that can quickly adapt to changes in research agendas, budget levels, response times, personnel levels, and stakeholders. In short, history directs the Army to design and implement a new R&D construct that addresses its key R&D issues and is adaptive.