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Early Entry Forces: An Annotated Briefing on the Question of New and Nonconventional Threats

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Publication Date: January 1995

Publisher(s): RAND Corporation

Author(s): Maurice Eisenstein

Funder(s): United States. Army

Funder(s): United States. Army

Topic: Military and defense (Military equipment and weapons)

Type: Brief


Enemy forces using advanced weapons and weapons of mass destruction would pose serious concerns for an Early Entry Force (EEF) operation. Of specific concern is the use of theater ballistic missiles and chemical weapons against the EEF directly and against an air base that supplies its air defenses. The documented briefing explores what the EEF should bring with it in the way of active and passive defenses to meet these threats. Review is needed of the effectiveness of employing different combinations of active and passive defenses and the logistics requirements necessary to ensure the EEF has these capabilities in a timely manner. It is on the basis of such analyses that the selection of a cost-effective defense capability for the EEF can be made.