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A National Innovation Agenda: Progressive Policies for Economic Growth and Opportunity Through Science and Technology

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Science, technology, and innovation have long provided the foundation for America’s prosperity. Naturally inquisitive and inventive, the American people have developed new products and technologies that have fueled our economy and improved our quality of life. Consider how different our lives would be without electricity, air travel, antibiotics, computers, and the Internet.

Along the way, myriad new products and services emerged from this shared public and private commitment to science, technology, and innovation, creating entirely new industries and good paying jobs up and down the economic ladder. This creativity still underpins our economy, yet the United States faces intense economic competition in the 21st century and is not adopting the policies that will keep it at the cutting-edge of innovation.

That’s why science, technology, and innovation policy must be a top priority for the next administration and a central component of America’s national economic strategy.