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Opponents to Measure 49 File Measure 37 Claims Valued at Nearly Half a Billion Dollars

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Publication Date: October 2007

Publisher(s): Democracy Reform Oregon

Author(s): Sarah Wetherson

Topic: Politics (Campaigns, lobbying, and pressure groups)

Type: News release

Coverage: Oregon


Contributors providing about half the funding for an effort to defeat Measure 49, which would re-write Measure 37, have filed claims under Measure 37 valued at more than $475 million.

Democracy Reform Oregon reviewed the 66 contributors who gave $1000 or more to political committees seeking to block passage of Measure 49. This set of contributors, about 1 percent of the total number of donors, gave $1,248,467, or 85 percent of the $1,472,625 total the "no" committees raised through October 9, 2007. The remaining contributions, $224,158 or 15 percent of the "no" side's total, came from an estimated 3523 donors, or 99 percent of the total number of contributors. (This estimate assumes that the aggregated contributors responsible for the $164,753 raised from miscellaneous contributors giving $100 or less gave an average of $50 each.)