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Dealing with Terrorists: A Better U.S. Policy Is Needed

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Publication Date: September 1984

Publisher(s): Heritage Foundation (Washington, D.C.)

Author(s): Samuel T. Francis

Topic: Military and defense (National security)

Keywords: Homeland defense

Type: Report


Public and official concern over the terrorist threat to Americans, inside and outside the United States, has reached a serious level. This is understandable, considering the continuing attacks against American targets, the international collaboration among terrorist groups, and the state support for anti-American terrorism by hostile states. The Reagan Administration clearly shares this concern and has alerted and informed the American public, congressional leaders, and foreign allies of the terrorist threat. But while the Administration has taken concrete steps toward more effective counter-terrorist policies, it has not yet designed or implemented a comprehensive pro-active CT policy that conforms with its own understanding of terrorism as a "form of war." This clear policy is overdue.