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Cutting the Deficit by Selling Federal Power Marketing Administrations

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Publication Date: February 1986

Publisher(s): Heritage Foundation (Washington, D.C.)

Author(s): Milton R. Copulos

Topic: Energy (Electric power)

Keywords: Regulation

Type: Report


Selling the PMAs, as the White House proposes, would significantly reduce the federal deficit and take the federal government out of the energy generation business--where it does not belong. Since the record shows that it was never the federal government's intent to become deeply involved in generating electricity, there can be no legitimate objection to a withdrawal of the federal government from this inappropriate arena. And placing the ownership of these electric utilities into the hands of their customers and other private investors will make them far more accountable to the people they serve. If Congress is serious about cutting the federal deficit, it will consider seriously the sale of the PMAs and TVA to the private sector.