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A Wiseman Commission to Craft America's Post-Cold War Foreign and Defense Policy

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Publication Date: May 1990

Publisher(s): Heritage Foundation (Washington, D.C.)

Author(s): Kim R. Holmes; James A. Phillips

Topic: Government (Foreign relations)
Military and defense (National security)

Keywords: National security

Type: Report


At no time since the end of World War II has the world been in such flux. The thaw of the Cold War has come, but like the swollen rivers of springtime, the flow of events could rage into a disastrous flood. American policy makers need moorings to guide them through these promising but turbulent times.They need to know where America stands and where it is going. To determine this, George Bush should create a blue ribbon commission made up of some of America’s best minds and ask them to help him craft a post-Cold War foreign and defense policy.