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The Rhodesian Elections and the Sanctions Issue

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Publication Date: May 1979

Publisher(s): Heritage Foundation (Washington, D.C.)

Author(s): Samuel T. Francis

Topic: Politics (Political status)

Keywords: Africa

Type: Report


Rhodesia is now in a strong position to emerge as one of the freest as well as one of the most powerful states on the African continent. As such, it would play a major role in promoting progressive change throughout the continent and in stabilizing the internal politics and increasingly violent international relations of Africa. Rhodesia's future, however, as well as that of Africa depends to a large degree on whether the U.S. lifts sanctions. If sanctions are continued in force, Rhodesia may still succumb to the terrorism of Nkomo and Mugabe and the imperialism of the Soviet Union. If the sanctions are lifted, Rhodesia may become a unique outpost of progress and a model for reform for the rest of Africa.