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The NBER Digest: April 2009 Issue

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Publisher(s): National Bureau of Economic Research


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Type: Newsletter


The following articles appear in this issue:

* The Internet, Wages, and Consumer Welfare
* Regulation of Pollution Sources
* Did the 2008 Tax Rebates Stimulate Spending?
* Do Private Equity Firms "Create Value"?
* Understanding Crude Oil Prices
* Which CEO Characteristics and Abilities Matter?
* The Prevalence and Effects of Occupational Licensing
* Currency Crises and Sudden Stops
* Domestic Debt Helps to Explain External Defaults
* Benefits of New Pharmaceuticals Significantly Exceed their Costs
* Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise
* Climate Change and Economic Growth over The Last Half Century
* Gasoline Prices Affect Fuel Economy
* Happiness Is More Evenly Distributed Among Americans
* Public Pensions are Underfunded
* Having Good Teeth Can Pay Off
* Latin American Industrialization after 1870

The Digest is a monthly publication that summarizes at least four recent and newsworthy NBER Working Papers. Professional journalists write these summaries for a non-technical audience. The Bureau sends nearly 12,000 copies of the Digest each month to readers in government, business, universities, and the media. The NBER Digest is available in hard copy to the general public upon request.