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Campaign Finance in Wisconsin

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Publication Date: February 2007

Publisher(s): Brennan Center for Justice

Author(s): Suzanne Novak; Seema Shah


Special Collection: The Joyce Foundation

Topic: Politics (Campaigns, lobbying, and pressure groups)
Politics (Elections and voting)
Politics (Political status)
Politics (Insurgency, and counterinsurgency)

Keywords: elections; money and politics ; contribution limits

Type: Report

Coverage: Wisconsin


In this report on laws governing money and politics in Wisconsin, the Brennan Center spotlights sham issue ads as a glaring loophole that is "creating massive opportunities for special interest groups to corrupt Wisconsin's political process."

The study provides recommendations for reforming its system. It finds that Wisconsin’s public financing system has an interesting design, but is in dire need of updating. It also urges the state to dramatically reduce many of its contribution limits and ensure that all of the limits form a rational system. It also points to the need to strengthen disclosure requirements to ensure that voters are able to make informed decisions on election day.