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Your query "" produced 0 results.

    There are the following matching modes available:
    • ALL, matches all query words (default mode);
    • ANY, matches any of the query words;
    • PHRASE, matches query as a phrase, requiring perfect match;
    • BOOLEAN, matches query as a boolean expression (see below).
    • EXTENDED, matches query as an expression search engine (see below).
    Boolean query syntax - Boolean queries allow the following special operators to be used:
    • explicit operator AND:
      hello & world
    • operator OR:
      hello | world
    • operator NOT:
      hello -world  hello !world  
    • grouping:
      ( hello world )
      Here\'s an example query which uses all these operators: ( cat -dog ) | ( cat -mouse)
    Extended query syntax - The following special operators and modifiers can be used when using the extended matching mode:
    • operator OR:
      hello | world
    • operator NOT:
      hello -world  hello !world  
    • field search operator:
      @title hello @body world
    • field position limit modifier:
      @body[50] hello
    • multiple-field search operator:
      @(title,body) hello world
    • all-field search operator:
      @* hello
    • phrase search operator:
      "hello world"
    • proximity search operator:
      "hello world"~10
    • quorum matching operator:
      "the world is a wonderful place"/3
    • strict order operator (aka operator "before"):
      aaa << bbb << ccc
    • exact form modifier:
      raining =cats and =dogs
    • field-start and field-end modifier:
      ^hello world