Research Area: Quality of health care

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Health Care and the 2004 Elections: Medical Liability Reform
Publication Date: October 2004 Research Area: Health; Law and ethics
Legislating Medication Safety: The California Experience
Publication Date: October 2003 Research Area: Health
The Data Standards Working Group: Report and Recommendations
Publication Date: June 2003 Research Area: Health; Law and ethics; Science and technology
The Potential of Claims Data to Support the Measurement of Health Care Quality
Publication Date: January 2003 Research Area: Health
Publisher(s): Pardee Rand Graduate School Author(s): Jennifer Hicks
Do Criminals Go To The Hospital When They Are Shot?
Publication Date: September 2002 Research Area: Health; Justice
Publisher(s): Joyce Foundation Author(s): David Hemenway, PhD, J.P. May
Improving Quality of Care White Papers
Publication Date: July 2002 Research Area: Health