Research Area: Rural conditions

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How Does This End?: Strategic Failures Overshadow Tactical Gains in Iraq
Publication Date: April 2008 Research Area: Social conditions
Publisher(s): Author(s): Lawrence J. Korb, Brian Katulis, Sean Duggan
Rural Development and the 2007 Farm Bill
Publication Date: August 2007 Research Area: Agriculture, forestry and fishing; Social conditions
Broadband Loan and Grant Programs in the USDA's Rural Utilities Service
Publication Date: July 2007 Research Area: Media, telecommunications, and information; Social conditions
Rural Water Supply and Sewer Systems: Background Information
Publication Date: April 2007 Research Area: Government; Social conditions
Energizing Rural America: Local Ownership of Renewable Energy Production is the Key
Publication Date: January 2007 Research Area: Energy; Social conditions
Publisher(s): Center for American Progress Author(s): David Morris
Poverty reduction in the 'tribal belt' of Eastern India
Publication Date: January 2006 Research Area: Government; Social conditions
The Moro conflict : landlessness and misdirected state policies
Publication Date: January 2004 Research Area: Economics; Politics; Social conditions