Research Area: Commercial treaties and agreements

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U.S. Trade in Services: Trends and Policy Issues
Publication Date: January 2020 Research Area: Trade
TARP: A Loan Not a Gift
Publication Date: May 2010 Research Area: Trade
Trade Agreements: Impact on the U.S. Economy
Publication Date: March 2010 Research Area: Trade
The Proposed U.S.-Malaysia Free Trade Agreement
Publication Date: January 2009 Research Area: Trade
Proposed Colombia Free Trade Agreement: Labor Issues
Publication Date: November 2008 Research Area: Trade
Multitrack integration in East Asian trade : noodle bowl or matrix?
Publication Date: October 2008 Research Area: Economics; Trade
Publisher(s): East-West Center Author(s): Peter A. Petri
The Crisis in the Andes: Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela
Publication Date: May 2008 Research Area: Government; Trade
Big Labor Can't Handle the Truth About Colombia
Publication Date: February 2008 Research Area: Government; Trade
India-U.S. Economic and Trade Relations
Publication Date: August 2007 Research Area: Economics; Trade