Research Area: Economic research

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Giving No Credit Where It Is Due: Social Security Disability
Publication Date: March 2008 Research Area: Banking and finance; Economics
How the Fed Creates Money
Publication Date: February 2008 Research Area: Economics
America’s Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs; Education and Training Requirements in the Next Decade and Beyond
Publication Date: November 2007 Research Area: Economics; Education
Publisher(s): Workforce Alliance Author(s): Harry J. Holzer
Welfare To Work: What Have We Learned
Publication Date: June 2007 Research Area: Economics; Labor
Publisher(s): Joyce Foundation Author(s): Anthony Mallon
The Logic of Authoritarian Bargains: A Test of a Structural Model
Publication Date: January 2007 Research Area: Economics; Social conditions
The WOW-GI National Elder Economic Security Standard: A Methodology to Determine Economic Security for Elders
Publication Date: December 2006 Research Area: Economics; Social conditions
Asset-Based Approaches to Poverty Reduction in a Globalized Context
Publication Date: November 2006 Research Area: Economics
Publisher(s): Brookings Institution Author(s): Caroline Moser
Roadmap to Reform for California
Publication Date: August 2003 Research Area: Economics