Author: Edward L. Hudgins

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There They Go Again: A Booming Textile Industry Seeks to Sting American Consumers
Publication Date: September 1988 Research Area: Manufacturing and industry
How Transportation Department Policies Help Japan and Hurt U.S. Satellite Makers
Publication Date: August 1988 Research Area: Economics; Science and technology
The Trade Bill Deserves a Veto
Publication Date: April 1988 Research Area: Trade
Sound New Advice from the Agency for International Development
Publication Date: March 1988 Research Area: Economics; International relations
The Middendorf Plan's Strategy for Central American Economic Growth
Publication Date: August 1987 Research Area: Economics
Peru's Banking Nationalization Courts Economic Disaster
Publication Date: August 1987 Research Area: Banking and finance; Economics
A Ten Year Plan to End Farm Subsidies
Publication Date: August 1987 Research Area: Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Plant Closing Laws: A Blueprint for Destroying U.S. Jobs
Publication Date: June 1987 Research Area: Labor; Manufacturing and industry
The Kamikaze Trade Bill Destroys U.S. Jobs
Publication Date: May 1987 Research Area: Trade
U.S, -Japan Trade War: The Opening Battle
Publication Date: April 1987 Research Area: Trade
The Gramm-Kemp Trade Bill: How to Open Markets to U.S. Exports
Publication Date: March 1987 Research Area: Trade
The Secret of Increased Competitiveness: Higher Productivity
Publication Date: January 1987 Research Area: Economics
Why the Soviets Do Not Belong at the World Bank
Publication Date: October 1986 Research Area: Banking and finance
A U.S. Strategy at the GATT Trade Talks
Publication Date: September 1986 Research Area: Trade
Grain Export Subsidies: Tightening a Noose Around the American Farmer
Publication Date: July 1986 Research Area: Agriculture, forestry and fishing; Trade
A U.S. Strategy to Solve Mexico's Debt Crisis
Publication Date: June 1986 Research Area: Economics
Renewing the Manufacturing Clause Means More Trouble for U.S. Exports
Publication Date: May 1986 Research Area: Law and ethics; Trade