Author: Stephen Moore

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Fiscal Policy Report Card on America's Governors: 2004
Publication Date: March 2005 Research Area: Government
Publisher(s): Cato Institute Author(s): Stephen Moore, Stephen Slivinski
What the States Can Teach Congress About Balancing the Budget
Publication Date: February 1990 Research Area: Banking and finance
Congress vs. America: How Congress Raises Its Own Pay
Publication Date: December 1989 Research Area: Government
A Pro-Family, Pro-Growth Legal Immigration Policy for America
Publication Date: November 1989 Research Area: Population and demographics
The Tax System Should Stop Penalizing the Working Elderly
Publication Date: July 1989 Research Area: Banking and finance
Time to Break Congress's Code of Silence on the Line-Item Veto
Publication Date: May 1989 Research Area: Government
Why America Does Not Need More Taxes
Publication Date: November 1988 Research Area: Banking and finance