Research Area: Labor conditions, wages, salaries, and benefits

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The E.C. Social Charter: The New Wave of Re-Regulation in Europe
Publication Date: March 1992 Research Area: Human rights; Labor
Snuffing Out the Lights: The DOMESTIC ISSUES: LABOR Department Goes After the Salvation Army
Publication Date: October 1990 Research Area: Labor; Social conditions
Mandated Benefits: The Hidden Tax Hike That Destroys Jobs
Publication Date: October 1988 Research Area: Labor
The Pseudo-Science of Comparable Worth: Phrenology for Modern Times
Publication Date: February 1988 Research Area: Labor; Social conditions
Bad Ideas Never Die: Comparable Worth for the Federal Government
Publication Date: December 1987 Research Area: Labor
How the Minimum Wage Destroys Jobs
Publication Date: February 1987 Research Area: Labor
How the Department of Labor Is Crushing American Samoa
Publication Date: August 1986 Research Area: Labor
Comparable Worth: Pay Equity or Social Engineering?
Publication Date: June 1986 Research Area: Labor; Social conditions
H.R.3008: Still Misleading Advertising for Comparable Worth
Publication Date: October 1985 Research Area: Labor
Comparable Worth, Part 2: The High Cost of Bad Policy
Publication Date: March 1984 Research Area: Labor