Research Area: Maritime industry and transport

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Piracy off the Horn of Africa
Publication Date: April 2009 Research Area: Law and ethics; Transportation
Ocean Piracy and Its Impact on Insurance
Publication Date: February 2009 Research Area: Business; Transportation
North Korean shipping : a potential for WMD proliferation?
Publication Date: February 2009 Research Area: Military and defense; Transportation
Publisher(s): East-West Center Author(s): Hazel Smith
Harboring Pollution: The Dirty Truth about U.S. Ports
Publication Date: May 2008 Research Area: Environment; Transportation
Containing the Threat: Protecting the Global Supply Chain Through Enhanced Cargo Container Security
Publication Date: October 2007 Research Area: Transportation
Publisher(s): Reform Institute Author(s): Robert Kelly
Cargo on the Move Through California: Evaluating Container Fee Impacts on Port Choice
Publication Date: July 2006 Research Area: Environment; Transportation
Protecting the Nation's Seaports: Balancing Security and Cost
Publication Date: June 2006 Research Area: Transportation
Hurricane Katrina: Shipping Disruptions
Publication Date: September 2005 Research Area: Transportation
Marine Security of Hazardous Chemical Cargo
Publication Date: August 2005 Research Area: Environment; Transportation
In Search of Greater Policy Vision for Port Planning and Security
Publication Date: February 2004 Research Area: Transportation
Harbors and Inland Waterways: An Overview of Federal Financing
Publication Date: January 2004 Research Area: Transportation
Harboring Pollution: Strategies to Clean Up US Ports
Publication Date: January 2004 Research Area: Environment; Transportation
Maritime Security: Overview of Issues
Publication Date: December 2003 Research Area: Transportation