Research Area: Petroleum industry

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Energy Alarmism: The Myths That Make Americans Worry about Oil
Publication Date: April 2007 Research Area: Energy
Publisher(s): Cato Institute Author(s): Eugene Gholz, Daryl G. Press
Oil and Gas Tax Subsidies: Current Status and Analysis
Publication Date: February 2007 Research Area: Energy
NATO and Energy Security
Publication Date: December 2006 Research Area: Energy
Declining Energy Prices No Reason for Complacency
Publication Date: September 2006 Research Area: Energy
Caspian Oil and Gas: Production and Prospects
Publication Date: September 2006 Research Area: Energy
Security at Risk Without Changes
Publication Date: August 2006 Research Area: Energy
Publisher(s): Indianapolis Star Author(s): Amy Myers Jaffe
Over a Barrel: How America's Dependence on Foreign Oil Endangers our National Security, Economy, and Environment
Publication Date: July 2006 Research Area: Energy; International relations
Publisher(s): American Jewish Committee Author(s): Zev Nagel, Maxine Kaye
Gasoline Prices: New Legislation and Proposals
Publication Date: June 2006 Research Area: Energy