Reforming California's Budget Process

Publication Date: January 1995

Publisher: Center for Governmental Studies

Author(s): Tracy Westen

Research Area: Misc.

Keywords: Budget Reform

Type: Report

Coverage: California


The California Citizens Budget Commission has spent nearly two years analyzing California's budgeting procedures the frequently stultifying, complicated and inflexible requirements which the legislature and governor must follow in adopting the state's annual budget. The Commission unanimously recommends that this report's preliminary set of reforms be seriously considered for adoption by the state's elected officials, policy leaders and members of the public.

In light of the complexity and seriousness of the state's budgeting problems, as well as the comprehensive nature of the Commission's recommendations, the Commission has concluded that it would be helpful to present its findings and proposed reforms to the public in this preliminary form. Such an approach will enable the Commission to solicit comments on its findings and recommendations from state officials, legislators, academics, the media and interested members of the public, reconsider those findings and recommendations and strengthen them where appropriate in its final report.

In the coming months, the Commission plans to hold informal meetings with interested individuals and organizations around the state, both to obtain their views on the nature of California's budgeting problems and to consider their comments on the Commission's proposed recommendations. The Commission will incorporate the
comments it receives into a final set of findings and recommendations which it will publish later this year.

The Commissions' final report will include detailed research, as well as model legislation to implement the Commission's recommendations.