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Letter to the Editor
Publication Date: December 2007 Research Area: Health
Publisher(s): Hastings Center Author(s): Susannah Baruch
More Roads, More Traffic: Why Highway Construction Won't Solve Traffic Congestion in Washington
Publication Date: June 2003 Research Area: Environment; Transportation
Publisher(s): Author(s): Tony Dutzik, Robert Pregulman
Supplementary School Education
Publication Date: January 1993 Research Area: Education
A Methodology to Determine Economic Security for Elders
Publication Date: January 2006 Research Area: Economics; Population and demographics
Foils or Heroes? On Martyrdom in First and Second Maccabees
Publication Date: January 2009 Research Area: Culture and religion
Recent Jewish Community Population Studies: A Roundup
Publication Date: January 1985 Research Area: Culture and religion; Population and demographics