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How Large is China's Economy? Does it Matter?
Publication Date: February 2008 Research Area: Economics
Arms Control and Nonproliferation Activities: A Catalog of Recent Events
Publication Date: January 2006 Research Area: Military and defense
How High Quality Child Care Benefits Business And The Economy?
Publication Date: July 2002 Research Area: Education
The Cigarette Tax Increase to Finance SCHIP
Publication Date: June 2007 Research Area: Health
Frozen Assets: How Rethinking Teacher Contracts Could Free Billions for School Reform
Publication Date: January 2007 Research Area: Education
Publisher(s): Education Sector Author(s): Marguerite Roza
Explaining regional fertility variations in the Philippines
Publication Date: January 1996 Research Area: Population and demographics
Covering America
Publication Date: March 2009 Research Area: Health