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A Year to Remember: Students on Yearlong Programs in Israel During a Time of Crisis

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This report is the first in a series of two reports that will be published on the topic of students who come to Israel on yearlong programs during a time of crisis. The present report is based on the experiences of post-high school students and their institutions in Israel, and the forthcoming report is based on the experiences of post-college students and their institutions in Israel. While the body of each report is based on findings from data collected on the specific age group, the major findings, methods, population, policy recommendations and concluding remarks incorporates the data and findings on both age groups. Each report is based on narrative interviews with program directors and students who attended yearlong programs in Israel during the 2001-2 school year. Among the students who were interviewed, half completed their programs while the other half left early as a result of the security situation.
The current report is set up in a manner which explores the studentsâ decision-making processes to go to Israel and to stay in Israel during a time of crisis; how students negotiated boundaries of safety while in Israel; the various support systems that were in play for the students and their families during the year; and the differences between students who completed their programs to those who left early. Throughout the report, the dynamic interplays between students, parents and the institutions are highlighted.