Research Area: Nation state

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Democratic Norms, Diasporas and Israel's Law of Return
Publication Date: January 2009 Research Area: Government; Law and ethics
Renewing the Jewish Social Contract: Bridging the Religious-Secular Divide
Publication Date: January 2009 Research Area: Culture and religion; Government
Redefining Sovereignty
Publication Date: April 2007 Research Area: Government
Vladimir Putin and Russia's Oil Policy
Publication Date: February 2005 Research Area: Energy; Government
States at Risk and Failed States
Publication Date: September 2004 Research Area: Government
Critical Sociology and the End of Ideology in Israel
Publication Date: January 1997 Research Area: Government; Social conditions
What America Can Do About the German Question, Which Again Haunts Europe
Publication Date: November 1989 Research Area: Government
Conceptions of "State of Israel" in Israeli Society
Publication Date: January 1988 Research Area: Government